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The Suncover

Gadget with cult status
The design-patented SunCover - the unique cover for your glasses that doesn't only look good as a handbag pendant but is also very practical - sets new standards in the matter of luxurious accessories.
Safe AND Stylish
The soft SunCover keeps your glasses safe, protects them from scratches and pressure marks and only takes little space inside the handbag.
The soft lining is made of microfiber and keeps dust and other impurities away.
Due to the special design, the ANY DI SunCover is suitable for EVERY shape and size of glasses. Whether reading- or sunglasses, round, angular, or cat-eye shaped, the SunCover fits all of them!
Just lay it over your sunglasses, close the button and then close the temples in the back.
With the ANY DI leather hanger the SunCover can be hung on every handbag of your choice or on a belt - like that, the hands are free and the glasses are always close to hand.
Whether simple or gaudy, the innovative accessory is definitely an eye-catcher.
The metal elements with 24 carat real-gold plating and the finishing of high-quality ensure the optimal balance between pure luxury and everyday suitability.
The SunCover is the signature piece of the German Luxury bag- and accessories-brand, due to its unique shape and the luxurious design alinged with the unprecedented feature.

ANYthing is possible