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From Classical Handbag to comfortable Backpack

without any visible construction
the any di strap system
The DESIGN-PATENTED Bag-strap-system provides limitless wearing options and excellent flexibility without any visible construction. With this innovation ANY DI creates a revolution on the global fashion market. ANY DI bags can be adapted to your individual style within a minute. That’s how they manage the balance between fashionability and multifunctionality.

One bag - multiple ways to wear.

All you need
2 leather straps

From handbag to backpack
1. Pass the two Leather Straps through the loops at the bottom of the bag and fix them at the Gold buttons.

2. Cross the Leather Straps and pass them through the handles to the front side of the bag.
Fix the carabiners on the left and right at the oval gold rings.

From Handbag to Shoulderbag

1. Take the little Adapter and connect it with one Leather Strap.

2. Now the strap can easily be fixed at the lateral gold rings of the bag.

Strap system suitable for
Bag L
Bag M
Bag XM
Bucket Bag
Bucket Bag Mini
The design-patented Bag-strap-system encourages limitless wearing options. By doing so ANY DI creates a revolution on the global fashion market.

It's not ANY bag, it's ANY DI