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"A brand like my lifestyle: the optimal fusion of elegance, sportiness, business and leisure.”

- Anne Dickhardt, Designerin und Gründerin -

Diversity and endless possibilities
The brand ANY DI stands for the combination of HIGH-END FASHION and EVERYDAY-COMFORT, for an innovative concept and variety - With the design-patented Strap-System, bags can be repurposed within no time - from a casual over-shoulder bag to a comfortable backpack or from wallet to clutch. Special about this system is the great changeability without any visible construction.
With love for details and passion for perfection, products are developed that are both noble and stylish as well a functional and comfortable. The base of that are high-quality materials like soft cowhide leather and real-gold platings, as well as excellent finishing which enable the optimal balance between pure luxury and everyday suitability.
Also the brand's emblem, that is inspired by the "real-leather" symbol, stands for high-quality, durability, luxury and elegance.
The creations are completed with extraordinary accessories like the design-patented SunCover, which sets another high-end fashion statement. The innovative cover for your glasses is - because of its unique form, the elegant design combined with a new function - the brand's signature-piece.
Synergy between bags and gadgets
Whether casual or glamorous, hip or classy, every woman finds her perfect companion, because the whole color set can be combined in different ways due to its harmonious color combinations. There are at least three SunCover for every ANY DI bag - either tone in tone, matching to the lining or with gaudy contrasts, everyone can choose according to their preference.
The brand ANY DI is as multifaceted as the city in that it was established. Casual urban-chic, timeless elegance and luxurious glamour - that is Munich and therefore the source of inspiration for all ANY DI products. Almost no other city embodies the combination of creativity, quality and functionality that playful and easy like the "Isarmetropole". Whether to work or a beer garden with the bike, to a chic dinner or party, with its changeability an ANY DI gives women the needed authenticity in every life situation.

precious. functional. timeless.