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ANYthing is possible...
a philosophy of life

Anne Dickhardt - a multi-talent just like her designs.
Her inspiration came from the attitude to be ambitious and still enjoy life. The realization came early: only a COMBINATION brings happiness and satisfaction.

Anne Dickhardt has always dreamt about her perfect bag. The idea came already as a teenager because as a professional tennis player she traveled the world! During her countless trips it was never possible to put all the belongings in only one bag which could be worn comfortable and looked chic at the same time.

„In the phase of creation, I think about all daily situation and include them in my designs”.
Anne's philosophy of life is being reflected in her designs as well - everything combined in one and looking good at the same time! As a successful tennis player, Anne trained hard but never renounced on the important things in life: family, friends, vacation, style and just enjoying life!

After a sports accident at the age of 17, Anne's life changed promptly - but an ANY Diva doesn't give up, thus she dedicated herself to her other passion, the design!
During her fashion studies, Anne already developed the idea of a versatile high-end collection with regard to design and comfort. In 2015 she could finally realize her dream with ANY DI - the start of her first own collection. The My Life collection. Inspired by the idea of creating an elegant handbag of high-quality for every woman in any life situation, she also developed the design-patented strap-system for limitless wearing options. Her practice-oriented, down-to-earth philosophy makes her so successful.
Anne's unbelievable instinct for innovation and modern luxury also does not stop at accessories: The ANY DI SunCover is due to its unique form and the luxurious design combined with a new function - the brand's signature-piece.

The soft sunglass cover protects glasses of all shapes and sizes and done not need much space in the handbag.

The search for the brand's origin goes way back to Anne's childhood. ANY DI was, and still is, the nickname she got from her friends.
Her clear vision and down-to-earth attitude as well as the successful combination of easiness and quality on the highest level makes the brand so unique and successful.

Love for details. Passion for perfection.