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ANY DI SunCover Bag

Cow leather, Black Red

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Size & fit

Dimensions: height 12cm - width 21cm - depth 5cm

Suitable for: clutch, shoulder-bag, hip-bag

Inclusive Equipment

Real gold-plated Chain Strap and premium Nylon bag for protection

Care Instruction

Do not overload your bags and gadgets.

Do not expose your ANY DIs to direct moisture or heat from sun or heating.

Avoid any contact with alcohol (perfumes, solvents, etc.) and greasy substances such as make-up.

Keep your bag standing up in your nylon bag, best filled with silk paper to keep its shape.

Avoid contact with rough materials.

Impregnate your ANY DIs and regularly use special leather care.

Take care of the bright bags and gadgets, especially to avoid stains that are difficult to remove.

If you need to clean it, use a clean, non-abrasive and dry cloth

In the event that the ANY DI gets more water than desired, do not rub the leather. Use a clean, dry cloth and dry the bag or gadget as much as possible. Hang them up after the air.

If water spots are left, try to remove them with a cloth and colored leather cream with gentle small circular movements.

ANY DI SunCover Bag
LovesYou! Edition
All Eyes on me, the new It-Piece of the Collection!
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